About Us

Poyura is an aesthetic stationery shop born from the need for belonging for creative people. We want to create a comfort zone for people to express themselves and embrace their uniqueness.

We are two sisters living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. From our home studio, we create things that bring us joy like food, animals, plants, and flowers. We also take a lot of inspiration from our Asian roots. With all of that, we bring joy, comfort, and nostalgia to your everyday life.


How it all started

We should all strive to do something that sparks joy from within us. In 2019, we mustered our courage and did something that we both had zero knowledge and experience with. We officially started our online stationery shop. It was the beginning of our dreams. We started small by using a cutting machine to make stickers and sold them through Etsy. Now we have expanded our collection to washi tapes, memo pads, patches, enamel pins and so much more. We even have our website now!


Our logo is inspired by the 52Hz whale, an unknown species. He communicates with a frequency of 50 to 52 Hertz (Hz). Too low for human ears, too high for whales. It was believed that the whale couldn’t communicate with others. But luckily, it turned out that the lonely whale isn't lonely after all. ‘Blue whales, fin whales, and humpback whales can hear him: all these guys can hear him, they aren’t deaf. He’s just odd.

And just like the 52Hz whale, we are longing for connections and a place to be with like-minded creatures. This is a place where we come together and embrace our oddness. And it turns out there are people like you with the same interests.

Hello! Nice to meet you! I’m Karin

Hi! I have always been an artsy person ever since I was young. In my free time, I drew a lot, especially anime. It was a way to escape day-to-day life. I felt like no one could resonate with what I was going through. And art was a way for me to express and deal with the feeling of being an outsider. Art made me feel safe in my little comfort zone. The more art I make, the more I realize I want to connect with others like me. I want to give them the same comfort and joy I get when I create. With Poyura I want to create this space where everyone feels at home.

I design new products, write content and design our website, and create content on social media. Recently, I’ve been learning how to take product pictures as well!

Hi! I’m Jenny, the big sister of the duo

I’ve never considered myself a creative person until recently. Growing up in an Asian household crafting was seen as a waste of time. All my time had to go to my studies. Even after I graduated and had a corporate job I couldn’t spend much time on hobbies. I was ashamed to tell people that I design stickers and love cute things. In the corporate world those activities are labeled as childish and a waste of time and money. When I found a stationery-loving community on Instagram I felt an immense amount of joy. We could talk for hours and I felt safe and understood. I want to create a safe space where we can express our creativity without judgement.

I design all your stationery needs and my favorite thing to design are deco stickers. I also pack your orders, manage our social media accounts, take product pictures, and do the boring admin stuff.